For those of you who want to improve your health, up your fitness level or stay motivated, here are a few resources!

1. Changing Your Habits: Steps to Better Health

The NIH, the leading researcher in American health, and the US Department of Health and Human Services published this flier on the mentality of healthy habits. Whether you are just beginning or a fitness veteran, this will encourage you to push yourself to the next level!

2. Active at Any Size

The same US government power couple put together this brochure specifically advertising for women to get healthy. (When you read it, notice the picture of the woman training the man on page 14! How’s that for role reversal?). This has a bit more detailed on how to incorporate more exercise into your life, including an activity journal.

3. Handy Guide to Serving Sizes

Thanks to our friendly friends to the north, you’ll be able to remember serving sizes using just your hands with this resource. Aye, thanks, neighbor!